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We want to hear from you. If you need to contact a county department by phone, have questions about Habersham County or comments and suggestions about our new website, we would love to hear from you. Please call us at the numbers shown or contact us online by completing and submitting the form below. We will promptly reply with an answer or direct you to your answer. We’re glad you took the time to visit this site and we hope you are finding it useful and informative.

County Phone Directory

Habersham County Main Number 706-839-0200
Animal Control 706-754-0044
Animal Shelter 706-754-3533
Coroner 706-778-6140
Building Department 706-754-1740
Buildings and Grounds 706-839-0166
Chief Magistrate 706-839-0350
Clerk of Superior Court 706-839-0300
Commissioners 706-839-0200
County Manager 706-839-0200
District Attorney 706-839-0370
Emergency 911 Dispatch 706-778-3911
Emergency 911 Mapping 706-754-1735
Emergency Management 706-778-9500
Extension Service/4H 706-754-2318
Fairgrounds 706-839-0200
Family & Children Services 706-754-2148
Fire Department 706-754-2822
Human Resources 706-839-0205
Information Technology 706-839-0160
Library, Clarkesville 706-754-4413
Library, Cornelia 706-778-2635
Planning Department 706-754-1740
Probate Court 706-839-0320
Purchasing Department 706-839-0200
Recreation Department 706-754-3650
Probate Court 706-839-0320
Public Utilities 706-754-8159
Road Department 706-754-2217
Senior Center 706-776-7768
Sheriff's Department 706-839-0500
Solicitor General 706-778-0800
State Court 706-754-0834
Superior Court 706-839-0335
Tag office 706-839-0120
Tax Assessors 706-839-0100
Tax Commissioner 706-839-0120
Tax Equalization Board
Transit Department 706-768-1982
Voter Registration 706-839-0170
Water Department 706-754-8159

Contact Form

Habersham County Commissioners
555 Monroe St. Unit 20
Clarkesville, Ga. 30523
Office: 706-839-0200or 706-839-0200
Fax: 706-754-1014
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