Tax Commissioner

The Habersham County Tax Commissioner, an office established by the Georgia Constitution and elected for  four-year terms, serves as agent of the State Revenue Commissioner for the registration of motor vehicles; and performing all functions related to billing, collecting, disbursing and accounting for ad valorem taxes collected in this county on behalf of the State of Georgia, Habersham County Commission, and the Habersham County Board of Education.

Also, pursuant to state law, the Tax Commissioner is responsible for the collection and disbursement of mobile home taxes, public utility taxes, land taxes, and timber taxes.

Responsibility for assisting taxpayers with property tax issues lies partly with the Tax Assessors' Office and partly with the Tax Commissioner’s Office. Questions regarding assessments, preferential assessments and exemptions, and the filing of property tax returns should be directed to the Tax Assessors' Office at 706-839-0100.

The Tax Commissioner’s Office is now located in the new Administration Building at 130 Jacob’s Way, Suite 202, Clarkesville.