Birth Certificates/Death Certificates

Beginning in 1918, Georgia started requiring that all births/deaths be recorded in the office of the Probate Judge in the county where the delivery/death occurred. Although the law went into effect in 1918, filing was sporadic for almost 10 years. Therefore, birth/death records before 1928 may not be complete.

Anyone may request a copy of his/her own birth certificate.  A mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, or grandfather, and child or grandchild may obtain one for you if you are not able to do so at the current time.

The fee for a certified copy is $25. Additional copies, if requested at the same time, are $5 each. Fees are subject to change at any time.

Another option is to contact the State of Georgia's Vital Records department. The state vital records office maintains birth and death records filed from 1919 to the present. Marriage applications and licenses from 1952-1996 are also on file. No divorce records are on file at the state office; however, an index of divorce events from 1952 to the present is available. Some counties may have older birth, death, marriage, or divorce records in their files; but county files only contain records of vital events that occurred in that county.

You may also order a birth certificate by phone and pick it up at the State Vital Records Office in Atlanta by calling 404-679-4701. Provide the customer service representative with your name and phone number, the information needed to look up the record you are requesting, and the date and time you will be at the State Vital Records Office.