Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department enforces the county's ordinances to help local residents create and maintain safe, healthy and attractive living and working environments. The Code Enforcement Officer primarily assists other departments with issues of compliance such as inspecting business occupation and regulatory tax certificates, mobile home tax decals, and inventory taxes.

The department's first priority is to help residents achieve compliance with these standards; but if you do receive a violation notice, we recommend you seek guidance for correcting the violation from the Code Enforcement Department at 706-839-0151.  Violations must be corrected in a timely manner to avoid any penalties.

What codes does Habersham County enforce?

Habersham County, like the cities, has its own codes. The types of codes we enforce include:

  • Typical building codes
  • Soil erosion
  • Abating blighted areas and abandoned vehicles
  • Nuisance codes
  • Animal control
  • Fire codes

Who should I contact to report a code problem?

Building Codes and Building Permits

David Turpin: or (706) 839-0140

Soil Erosion

Wendell Sullen: or (706) 839-0140 

Animal Control

Madi Nix: or (706) 839-0195

Fire Permits and Illegal Burning

Jeff Cain: or (706) 839-0571

Septic Tanks and Environmental Health

James Reece: or (706) 776-7659

Blighted Areas and Abandoned Vehicles

Curt McGugan: or (706) 839-0151

General Complaints and Issues

Curt McGugan: or (706) 839-0151