GIS and Mapping

The GIS/Mapping department is responsible for maintaining data such as parcels, roads, county districts, and boundaries.  The GIS office is involved with many County offices such as the Assessor's Office, Elections Office, Emergency Management Agency, and the County Commissioners. 

GIS Mapping allows users to easily overlay many map layers (roads, slopes, contours, parcels, etc). Click on the logo to the right to access the mapping system. Custom maps of parcels and/or Habersham County are available. Parcel and ownership information is available online.

Available GIS Layers

Roads, parcels (w/ownership), color photography, 3D hillshade, 2ft contours, LiDAR models, lakes, rivers, government jurisdiction (federal, state and local), county boundary, city boundary, USGS 1:24000 topo, voter districts and fire districts. Many other GIS layers are available from a variety of sources.  Please ask if you don't see what you need.