Board of Health

County Boards of Health were created by Georgia Law in 1914. Over the years, the County Boards of Health have assumed an increasing responsibility for delivering disease prevention and treatment services in their communities.

The Board of Health is composed of seven members who are appointed to six-year terms.  These members include an appointment by the governing authority of the County, the superintendent of schools or such person’s designee, and appointment by the governing authority of the largest municipality of the county. 

Board of Health Functions 

  • Determine the health needs and resources of its jurisdiction by research and by collection, analysis, and evaluation of all data pertaining to the health of the community
  • Develop, in cooperation with the department, programs, activities and facilities responsive to the needs of its area
  • Secure compliance with the rules and regulations of the department that have local application
  • Enforce all laws pertaining to health unless the responsibility for the enforcement of such laws is that of another county or state agency