Becoming A Notary Public

A notary public serves an important function, guaranteeing ("attesting" or "certifying") the authenticity of signatures on legal documents, such as wills, affidavits, deeds, contracts, and powers of attorney. Who may serve as a notary? Where and how may an application be made? How long may they serve? And what is the cost to apply?

Anyone who meets the following qualifications may serve as a notary in Georgia:

  • Age 18 or older
  • No felony convictions
  • A person of integrity and good moral character who is capable of performing notarial acts
  • One of the following residential requirements:
    • A resident of the county where application is made
    • A resident of a state bordering Georgia who carries on a business or profession in the Georgia county where application is made
    • A resident of a state bordering Georgia who is regularly employed in the Georgia county where application is made

To access the application to receive a four-year notary public commission, go to the Clerk's Authority web site (link at right).  Once there, click on "File".  On the next page, choose "Notary Public Application" and follow the directions.  For assistance, please contact the GSCCCA Customer Support or the Clerk of Court; both phone numbers are on the right.

By signing the application, the applicant is swearing that he/she fulfills the conditions listed above.  Two people who are residents of the county and who know the person applying must also complete portions of the form as endorsers of the applicant.

Once signed by the endorsers, print and return the application to the Clerk of Court, along with a $51.00 fee (subject to change).  The oath of office will be administered, and the application will be approved and finalized with a printed commission.  The new/renewed notary public will receive two copies:  One with a gold seal, which is to be kept by the notary public, and one to be given to any office supply store when purchasing a seal.  A third copy is sent to the Clerk's Authority, which indexes notaries' names and signatures in a database.