Hospital Authority

The business activities of the Habersham County Hospital Authority are managed and conducted by a board of nine voting members appointed by the County Commission to five-year, staggered terms. This Board operates under the bylaws established by the Authority.

Each member serves no more than three terms, or no more than 20 years. When a vacancy occurs, the Habersham County Commission submits three names for consideration. The Authority then elects the new Board member from the three names submitted.

The Hospital Authority was organized and operates under provisions of the Georgia Hospital Authorities Law. The Authority has the ultimate responsibility of setting and enforcing policies for the Habersham County Medical Center and for providing quality medical care for residents of Habersham County.

Authority members formulate hospital policies to guide the administrative decision-making process. They also provide leadership for effective organization, stewardship of hospital resources, representation to the external environment, quality assurance, and articulation of the community needs and attitudes.

The Hospital Authority meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Habersham County Medical Center.