Sex Offender Registry

In accordance with O.C.G.A. § 42-1-12, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is the central repository for Georgia's Violent Sexual Offender Registry.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in the Georgia Sex Offender Registry is accurate. As the information is provided by other agencies and entities and is continuously changing, the GBI makes no promise or any expressed or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this information.

The intent of this information is to inform the public about sexual offenders and predators residing in Georgia. It is not meant to provoke a response against any individual. Any action taken against an offender which is determined to be a violation of law will subject the violator to arrest and prosecution. 

Sex offender laws have recently changed in Georgia.  Under certain circumstances by Georgia law, an offender may be allowed to live or work wherever he/she chooses.  Please continue to report all information or suspected violations of law to the Habersham County Sheriff's Office.