Road Department

Road, highway, street, avenue, boulevard -- no matter what it is called, it represents a connection to other people and places, an easy way to get somewhere we want to go. Unfortunately, most of the time we never think about the maintenance of our road system until something goes wrong -- such as a pothole, a snowstorm, or a downed tree. At such times we may wonder, "Who is fixing this problem?" and "When will it be done?"

Who is fixing this problem?

It depends on the type of road. In Habersham County, there are three categories:

  • Private: These streets are owned and kept up by an individual, homeowner's association, or a business. If an owner wishes to relinquish responsibility to the county, the road must be maintained to county standards for one year before the request will be heard by the Board of Commissioners. The Board then decides whether to accept it or not.
  • County: These roads are kept in service by Habersham County.
  • State: As a general rule, the main roads that run from city to city are the responsibility of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Examples include Business 441, Highway 365, and Highway 197 (except for portions of 197 South).

When will it be done? 

It depends on the situation. A pothole that needs to be filled in the southern part of the county may have to wait if a winter storm hits the northern part of the county. A snowplow may leave one road partially done to go plow another so that an ambulance or other emergency vehicle may pass.

Because circumstances can change suddenly, especially during emergencies, the Road Department cannot say, "This street will always be done first, this one second," and so on. For the same reason, neither can our department guarantee that a particular road will be given attention at a particular time.

This information applies to county roads only. Anyone who is interested in how repair is prioritized on their private- or state-maintained road should contact the individual, business, or organization responsible for that road.