Board of Ethics

The Habersham County Board of Ethics serves to interpret the Code of Ethics adopted by the County, to apply sanctions to those in violation of the Code, and to issue advisory opinions defining appropriate behaviors according to community standards as reflected in that Code.

When complaints are registered against Commissioners or other County employees or appointees over whom the Board of Commissioners has jurisdiction, the Board of Ethics addresses the matter. If appropriate, a hearing will be scheduled to obtain evidence on the issue. Should the party accused be deemed to have violated the Code of Ethics, the Board of Ethics will recommend appropriate penalties or sanctions. 

Any person having a complaint against an officer, official, or employee of the County shall file a complaint in writing setting forth the particular facts and circumstances which constitute the alleged violation.  The complaint shall be filed with the County Manager or, in the event the complaint regards the County Manager,  with the County Commission Chairman.    

When a complaint warrants a hearing in front of the Board of Ethics, the County Clerk will draw randomly from a pool of 10 county residents to create a five-member board.

Each County Commissioner appoints two residents who are willing to serve on the Board of Ethics to create the pool. These residents must agree to serve and remain available for a period of two years.

Members of the Board of Ethics must be Habersham County residents who have lived in the county at least one year immediately prior to taking office, and must remain residents of the county while serving as members of the Board of Ethics.

The County Clerk maintains the list of these 10 qualified residents. Should the investigating committee determine a complaint warrants a hearing before the Board of Ethics, the County Clerk will draw names randomly at the next Commission meeting to create the Board.

Ethics Board members are not compensated, and the Commissioners provide a meeting place and any supplies and equipment needed to perform the duties of the Board.