Solicitor General

The Solicitor General represents the people of Habersham County and the State of Georgia as the State Court's prosecuting attorney. The State Court, and therefore the Solicitor General, handles all misdemeanor criminal and traffic offenses committed within Habersham County.

Goals of the Solicitor General's Office are to deliver justice swiftly with a fair and impartial attitude, to hold defendants accountable for their actions, to advocate protection of victims and offer assistance and support through the Court process, and to improve community relations between the State Court and the public.

Prior to 1996, this office was known as the "Solicitor," a title that was used from 1865. The term solicitor is sometimes used locally to refer to this office. In 21 counties, the Solicitor-General is a full-time official with a staff of assistants, investigators and administrative personnel; in the remaining 40 counties, of which Habersham is one, they are part-time officials who may maintain private law practices.

In those areas without a State Court, and in Chatham, Dougherty, Miller and Rockdale counties, misdemeanor cases are prosecuted by the District Attorney who also is responsible for prosecuting felony cases. Although full-time Solicitors-General handle only criminal cases, some part-time Solicitors-General may also serve as the attorney for the county.