Development Authority

The Development Authority was developed to create jobs by recruiting new industries and assisting existing industries to stay financially healthy. The Development Authority has the authority to issue Industrial Revenue Bonds and to be a conduit for bond financing. It was established by Georgia Legislation in 1974.

The Development Authority meets on the first Thursday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the Commission Conference Room of the Administration Building located on 130 Jacob's Way in Clarkesville, next to the Aquatic Center. For more information, please contact the Commisioners' Office at 706-839-0200.

Qualifications and Training

Qualification for membership would be a sincere interest in the economic development of Habersham County. A background experience of economic development through the Chamber of Commerce would be ideal.  Board members are required to complete at least eight hours of training on development and redevelopment programs within the first 12 months of their appointment to such authority. Members serve six-year staggered terms.