Vehicle Tags

The Habersham County Tax Commissioner is responsible for the registration of motor vehicles and the collection of all registration fees, taxes and penalties specified by Georgia law. Ad Valorem taxes, if due, are collected when the vehicle is registered.

Newly-acquired vehicles and vehicles new to the state must be registered within 30 days of the day you purchase the vehicle or the day you move to Georgia, respectively.

Out-of-state tags are valid for only 30 days after you move to Georgia, regardless of the date shown on the tag. Only two exceptions: non-resident military personnel and full-time college students.

You must have a Georgia driver's license for personal identification when you register a vehicle. The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety uses the Georgia driver's license number as an account number so all vehicles owned or leased by an individual can be consolidated into one account.  

Driver's Licenses

To apply for a new, renew or update a current, or get a replacement* driver's license, you may visit a Customer Service Center for the Department of Public Safety (State Patrol Office). The physical addresses for the DDS Offices nearest Habersham County are as follows:

  • 62 Doyle Street, Toccoa, GA
  • 1010 Aviation Boulevard, Gainesville, GA

Office hours, furlough days, and holiday schedules may be found at their website:

If you prefer on-line processing, go to their website (above) and select the links that apply to your situation. Remember to print the pages where the change of address is shown and keep the printout until the new license arrives. If you visit the Tax Commissioner's Office before you receive your license, bring the printout. It is required for verification purposes.

Current Georgia Residents: If moving within the state, you must update your driver's license within 60 days.

If you are new to Georgia: Application for a Georgia driver's license must be made within 30 days of becoming a Georgia resident. All Customer Service Centers can transfer an out-of-state driver's license to a Georgia license. To see the requirements for obtaining a Georgia driver's license, please visit the DDS website (above) and select "If you are new to Georgia".

If a person has been in Georgia more than 30 days, a Georgia driver's license is required BEFORE obtaining a Georgia license plate for the vehicle.

Out of State Vehicles and Sales Tax

Cars bought out of state cannot be registered until sales tax is paid. For vehicles purchased from an out-of-state or out-of-country dealer or business, Georgia sales tax must be paid or proof of payment submitted at the time of title application. A Georgia title and license plate will not be issued until all sales tax due is paid. For additional information regarding sales tax, you may contact the Department of Revenue Regional Office, 190 Ben Burton Circle, Bogart, Ga. 30622 or call 706-542-6058.