Roads and Bridges SPLOST

Roads and Bridges SPLOST is a Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax used to fund transportation purposes only.  If approved, this sales tax would fund road and bridge maintenance and improvement needs, as well as other transportation project needs, throughout the county and municipalities.   

On November 6, 2018, Habersham County voters will have the opportunity to approve a 1 percent sales tax for transportation purposes.  This Roads and Bridges SPLOST is a fair tax in that it applies to all who purchase goods in our county, not just Habersham County property owners.  All who use our roadways would contribute through this tax, including those who live outside of the county but who travel here to work, play, or even just pass through.


  • The standard recommended resurfacing cycle for newly paved roads is every 10 - 15 years.
  • Currently, Habersham County is able to resurface roads every 40 years
  • Roads and Bridges SPLOST would allow a resurfacing cycle of every 20 years.

Some other transportation projects that would receive funding from the Roads and Bridges SPLOST would be:

  • Adding, Replacing, or Repairing Culverts
  • Adding or Maintaining Ditches
  • Adding, Replacing, or Repairing Sidewalks
  • Widening or Paving Dirt and Gravel Roads

These are just a few examples.  For more information, please click on the links to the right.