Mobile Homes and Fees

Mobile homes fall into two categories: homesteaded and non-homesteaded.

Regardless of the category they belong in, all mobile homes are required by Georgia law to display a mobile home decal for the current year in a prominent, easy-to-see location. The decal for all homes must be obtained during the time period allotted to the collection of non-homesteaded mobile home taxes.

Homesteaded means that the owner of the mobile home also owns the land the home is on, lives in the home and has applied for homestead exemption. Homesteaded mobile home taxes are included with the land in a regular property tax bill that (usually) is sent out during the fall.

Non-homesteaded are any mobile homes that do not fall into the homesteaded category, including rentals or homes on property that does not belong to the homeowner (such as a lot in a mobile home park). Non-homesteaded mobile home bills are (usually) issued in the first part of the year.

Mobile home fees are set by Georgia law, with the exception of taxes being calculated using a local millage rate. The taxes and penalty below are the fees for non-homesteaded mobile homes; for homesteaded mobile homes, see Property Taxes and Fees. NOTE: The fine and court costs apply to both.

  • Taxes: Amount depends on the value of the mobile home and the millage rate where the home is located.
  • Penalty: 10 percent, added when the taxes are paid after the due date.
  • Fine and court costs: $75 minimum fine plus surcharges, charged when a mobile home owner receives a citation to appear in Magistrate Court for failure to obtain and/or display the current year's mobile home decal.