Purchase and Use of Explosives

To reduce the possibility of misuse of explosives and to provide an audit trail to follow if needed, the State of Georgia requires anyone who wishes to buy explosives to fill out an "Application for Permit to Purchase and Use Explosives," obtainable from the Habersham County Tax Commissioner's office.

Only purchase and transportation of up to 100 pounds of explosives is allowed; storage is not authorized. In addition, the requirements of Chapter 120-3-10 of the Georgia Safety Fire Regulations must be met.

Although the application is a one-page form, it has four copies besides the original. The name and address of the applicant, the kind and amount of explosives to be purchased (up to 100 pounds maximum), what it is to be used for and where, and a description of the vehicle to be used in the transport of the explosives are all noted on the form.

By signing, the applicant makes a sworn oath that he/she is not a convicted criminal, is aware of the regulations regarding the purchase and transportation of explosives, etc. The applicant should be prepared to show identification and must submit to fingerprinting.

The Tax Commissioner's office then gives the original and first two copies to the applicant. Copy No. 4 is sent by the office to the State Fire Marshal, and copy No. 5 is retained by the Tax Commissioner. When the applicant goes to purchase the explosives, the vendor is required to note on the original and two copies the date, the amount and type of explosives that were sold, and the name of the person selling as well as the company. The vendor then sends the original to the State Fire Marshal and keeps copy No. 2 for at least three years. The purchaser must retain copy No. 3 until the explosives have been completely expended.