Tax Assessment Timeline

January 1-April 1: Return Period

  • "Return" your property (you declare what value you think your property is worth). You are guaranteed an assessment notice, therefore, the right to appeal--even if the Tax Assessors do not make any adjustments. Click here to access the Taxpayer's Return of Real Property form.
  • Conservation Use Applications (10 Acres or more) - $12 application fee. You may pick up guidelines for this program in the Tax Assessors' Office.
  • Property combinings. If you own two or more parcels of land that touch each other and the names on the properties are exactly the same, then you may combine your parcels to make one parcel (one tax bill). This may or may not benefit you on your taxes. See the Tax Assessors' office for more details.
  • Personal Property Returns/Reporting Forms. Time period to turn in any/all personal property owned to be assessed. Freeport Exemption Applications to be filed at this time.

Assessment Notices

You will be mailed an assessment notice if your assessment on your property has been changed. This gives you the right to appeal. You have 45 days from the postmarked date to make your appeal in writing to the Tax Assessors' office.

If you made a "return" on your property (January 1-April 1), you will receive an assessment notice. The Board of Assessors reviewed your return and may or may not have made changes to your previous assessment. This information will be reflected on the assessment notice. The same 45-day filing period for appeals applies.

The Appeal Process

  1. File written appeal.
  2. Board of Assessors makes a change and second notice is mailed giving taxpayer 21 days to file a second appeal. If no appeal is filed, process ends.
  3. If second appeal is filed, the appeal then goes before the Board of Equalization.


  1. File written appeal.
  2. Board of Assessors makes no change.
  3. Appeal to be heard before the Board of Equalization.

The duty of the Tax Assessors' office is to place a Fair Market Value on all property. Fair Market Value is defined by law as being the amount a willing buyer and willing seller agree on in an arms length transaction.

October-December: Tax Bills Issued

Once the digest is approved by the state, tax bills are issued from the Tax Commissioner's office. Tax bills are due 60 days from the date they are mailed. Payments are to be made to the Habersham County Tax Commissioner.

The information on this page is generalized and subject to change according to law. This information is for reference use only. Should you need further information or details contact: Habersham County Tax Assessors Office, 6257 State Hwy. 115 Suite 6, Clarkesville, Georgia, 30523, 706-839-0100. Physical address: 115 Beaver Dam Road, Clarkesville, GA (lower portion of Habersham Electric Membership Corporation Building).