Property Taxes and Fees

Property tax fees are set by Georgia law, with the exception of taxes. For information on how property is valued, see the Tax Assessors' web pages.

  • Taxes: Amount based on many factors, such as type of property, location, homestead exemption, condition, additions, state laws, the local millage rate, etc.
  • Interest: 0.6458 percent per month, starting the day after the due date. Penalty: 5% added if bill is still unpaid 120 days after the due date AND one of the following applies:
    • The bill is for personal property
    • The bill is for real (land and/or home) property that is not homesteaded
    • The bill, although for real property that is homesteaded, is over $500
  • Fifa: One-time fee added if bill is still unpaid 30 days or more after the due date.
  • Certified and other miscellaneous fees: Added when property is being prepared for a tax sale. These fees cover the costs of mailing certified notices, publishing advertisements in the newspaper, etc.
  • Conservation Use Penalty: If a landowner has property that is currently classified under Conservation Restriction Assessment and develops or puts the land to a use which violates its restricted classification, the landowner will be subject to a penalty. Additionally, such developed land will no longer qualify for Conservation Restriction Assessment and a tax penalty is applied. Amount due is twice the amount of taxes saved for the years the property was under conservation use.

Property tax bills are usually due at least 60 days from the date of mailing.