Planning Department

The Habersham County Planning Department is responsible for maintaining and implementing the county’s Comprehensive Land Development Resolution for reviewing development site plans, land use districting, administering subdivision regulations, erosion and sedimentation ordinance, plat approval, and certain elements of the geographic information system (GIS).

The Planning Department develops long-range plans designed to direct and manage growth based on a wide range of diverse community goals. The staff analyzes proposed changes in land use districting, and administers the Comprehensive Land Use Resolution to implement land use and development policies of the Board of Commissioners.

The Department provides information to the Board of Commissioners regarding the effects of growth, including the increasing demands on public infrastructure and governmental services, and overall effects on the community's quality of life.

The Planning Department is a public planning organization that puts customers first, values partnerships, and strives to shape Habersham County as a premier North Georgia community.

We provide information, advice, and technical support to county residents, elected officials, and the Planning Commission to assist them with development decisions, issues, and priorities.

The Planning Department is committed to long-term economic vitality and environmental integrity and to the quality development of Habersham County.