Celebrating our Past while Planning for the Future

Habersham County Joint Comprehensive Plan

Habersham County turns 200 years old in 2018, and while celebrating our Bicentennial it is important to plan for our future to ensure Habersham County remains a desirable community (for more information on the Bicentennial please visit http://habersham200.com/). With that in mind, Habersham County and the cities of Alto, Clarkesville, Demorest, and Mount Airy are updating and rewriting their Joint Comprehensive Plan.

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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

Habersham County is updating its Comprehensive Plan to address the topics that are on residents’ minds now – including growth, housing, density, and employment. Our County’s Comprehensive Plan is the umbrella policy document for Habersham County’s future growth and development. It plays an important role in land use changes, development decisions and also establishes community goals and priorities for the County’s future.

The comprehensive plan process provides an opportunity for the community as a whole to pause and have a meaningful dialogue about its vision for the County as it relates to housing, quality of life, employment opportunities and the policies and programs that will support plan implementation.

What it is…                                                                      What it isn’t…

-  A long term vision for growth/development                     -  A document requiring mandatory conformity

-  Documentation of priorities                                             -  A rework of our development codes or other ordinances

-  An action plan to address priorities                                 -   A definitive answer for unforeseen challenges

-  A guide to local decision making

-  An umbrella policy document outlining the

   County’s preferred future



2009-2029 Joint Comprehensive Plan

The last Joint Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2009 and is viewable in the Habersham County Document Center. Please click on Quick Links to Key information on the Habersham County Home Page. 


Comprehensive Plan Introduction

A series of public meetings were held to solicit public input. The introductory presentation can be found here


Please visit this page regularly as public notices and other Comprehensive Plan information will be posted throughout the process.