Georgia's Oldest White Oak

Georgia's oldest White Oak tree is located in Habersham County, at the corner of Orchard and Bear Gap roads.  On the property of Habersham's newest fire station, located at 4455 The Orchard Rd. in Clarkesville, the tree is a familiar sentinel to area residents and visitors.

Special care was taken to preserve the tree and its root system during the 2016 construction of the fire station.  According to Certified Arborist John Shearouse, the tree is estimated to be between 330 and 400 years old.  It measures 66 inches DBH (diameter at breast height) and its canopy spread is 136 feet.  This giant was an acorn around 1670.  Shearouse says the tree could live another 50-100 years if protected.

Post-construction, the County has taken additional measures to help protect the tree by adding a boardwalk and fencing so that potential damage to the roots can be avoided.  Informational signage has also been added for educational purposes.  These projects would not have been possible without support from community sponsors and individuals.