Appointment Policy, Application, Vacancies

The Habersham County Commissioners have adopted an appointment policy to provide greater opportunities for county residents to serve on various boards, commissions, authorities, and advisory committees.

The policy is designed to make all residents of the county aware of opportunities to serve, to create, and to maintain a professional and structured process through which to seek appointments, select qualified individuals for these positions, and to ensure diversity in the make-up of these entities.

The County Clerk is responsible for maintaining records and keeping current all boards, commissions, authorities, and committees vacancies. The Clerk also announces any pending vacancies.

Those seeking appointment to various positions will be required to submit applications, and the County Manager will present applications to the Board of Commissioners for consideration for open appointments.

The Commissioners will appoint qualified residents to fill positions through a majority vote election process.

Complete details of the policy are available in a downloadable PDF document on the right. This is a large document, and download time will vary according to the speed of your internet connection.