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Filling Swimming Pools

It's summer time. It's hot. You and the kids are ready to cool off in your swimming pool. But the problem is filling the pool for the first time. Using a regular garden hose takes a lot of time. The amount of water needed may also deplete the well. Is there a quicker way to start enjoying the pool? Yes!

Depending on availability, residents may take water from a hydrant. A permit is required in order to avoid a fine. Not only is it faster than using a garden hose, but it also helps well users because they do not have to use their own supply. A base fee of $27.50 for the first 2000 gallons and $6.60 per 1000 gallons after that will be charged.

To obtain a permit, an application must be filled out in person at the Public Utilities Department, and a deposit check of $1100 must be left. Call before coming. At times the office is closed when personnel are out in the field reading meters or performing other tasks related to water management. The department then determines which hydrant may be used. A copy of the application is kept by the department. The original application, which becomes the permit, is given to the applicant, along with a water meter. The meter is very heavy and will probably take two people to handle it.

The instructions on how to extract water will be given at the time the meter is borrowed. For hydrants that are too far away to link directly to the pool, the resident may wish to hire a professional water hauler.

Once the meter and the permit are returned, the amount of water used is read and the total cost calculated. Payment is expected at that time and may be in cash or by check. The deposit check of $1100 and a copy of the application are given back to the resident.

Now the only problem is what to fix for supper. It's hard to get into the mood to cook when you're having so much fun.


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