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Maps and Parcels

Habersham County is divided into land districts and land lots, which are used in the legal description on deeds and plats to identify or locate properties within the County. Although the Tax Assessors office can use land district and land lot numbers to locate property, they use their own numbering system of map and parcel numbers.

The Tax Assessors Office has the entire county mapped. There are approximately 180 maps containing around 21,000 parcels. Maps contain individual parcels showing the number of acres and the parcel number. Using the map and parcel number, someone can identify the owners of parcels of land and request other pertinent information about the property, such as deed, plat, zoning, and, if it is improved property, a sketch of principal buildings located on the property and a list of other buildings (such as sheds, barns, poultry houses, etc). Improved property" is any property that is not vacant land.

All real property tax bills contain a map and parcel number that the property owner can use as a reference when requesting information from the Tax Assessors or Tax Commissioner's office. The number is located under "Map Location" on the bill. Real property" is land and any improvements, as opposed to "Personal Property", which is defined as being equipment of any kind, business equipment and inventory, boats, tractors, airplanes, etc. Personal Property is not assigned a map and parcel number.

For the convenience of the public, aerial maps and a map and parcel listing (containing the name and addresses of property owners) are displayed at the entrance to the Tax Assessors Office.


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