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GIS Data and Pricing Information

GIS Service Pricing

  1. Custom Map Design Rate: $50 per hour ($12.50 minimum fee) + print cost per page.
  2. Standard Prints: Standard prints only involve the media costs.
  3. Geographic Analysis: Work related to database development, analysis, or manipulation will be billed at a rate of $70 per hour ($35 minimum fee).
  4. Shipping: Appropriate postage will be added to all orders requiring shipping.
  5. Alternate Formats: Maps can be delivered in digital formats. Custom map design and analysis rates would still apply.


Media Cost
Per Page

Letter (8.5 x 11) or Legal (8.5 x 14)

50 cents

Tabloid (11 x 17)


Large Format


Large Format with Solid Fill Patterns or Orthophotography


Full –Set Large Format Orthophotography


GSI Digital Data Costs

  1. License Agreement: All data transactions require a signed license agreement prior to delivery.
  2. Data Format: The data will be provided in either shapefile or geodatabase format.
  3. Additional Processing Fees: A hourly rate of $70 ($35 minimum) will be imposed for conversion to formats other than shapefile or geodatabase. This rate will also apply when database analysis or manipulation is requested.
  4. Coordinate System: All data will be delivered in Georgia State Plane South NAD83.
  5. Payments: Make checks payable to Habersham County Board of Tax Assessors.
  6. Shipping: Media and shipping costs are included in the pricing below.
Real Estate Cost
Selected Parcel Polygons $30.00 + 10 cents per parcel
Parcel Polygons Countywide 500.00
Subdivisions $30.00

Public Land Survey Cost
Complete (¼ Quarters, ¼ Sections, Sections, Township, and Range)-Includes both lines and polygons $30.00

Administrative Boundaries Cost
Political Townships and Corporate Limits $30.00

Zoning Cost
Zoning $30.00

Transportation Cost
County Road Centerlines (addressed) $100.00

2005 Color Orthophotography Cost
2006 County MrSID Images (8 total) $300.00
2006 TIFF Images, 4000’ x 4000’ tiles, 0.5’ pixel $30.00 each

Miscellaneous Cost
Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams and Drainage $300.00
Digital Elevation Model including Contour Lines $500.00

Dataset Packages Cost
Complete Vector Dataset + Current Year Orthophotography-MrSID compressed format ($1,370 value) $1200.00
Complete Vector Dataset $900.00 each

Cost Exempt List for Data Purchasing

The following types of organizations are exempt from GIS data costs. Exempt organizations are still required to sign a Geographic Datasets Licensing Agreement and may be subject to standard processing fees.

  • Local Government
  • State Agency
  • Federal Agency
  • School District
  • Tax Supported University or Community College
  • Regional Development Agency
  • Electrical Membership Cooperative

Contractors may be granted access to the data at no cost if they are conducting work on behalf of an exempt organization. The exempt organization must make a formal request for the data and have a signed license agreement on file at Habersham County.


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