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Town of Tallulah Falls

Founded on October 7, 1885, the Town of Tallulah Gorge, situated about 1,570 feet above sea level, has a population of around 162. For many years the "Switzerland of America" (as the surrounding area is called) has delighted visitors with its attractions:

  • Tallulah Gorge State Park:

    • Tallulah Gorge (called the "Grand Canyon of the East"), 2 miles long, 1,000 feet wide, and 1,200 feet deep
    • Tallulah Falls (called the "Niagara of the South") with its six waterfalls:

      • L'Eau d'Or (also known as Ladore)
      • Tempesta (76 feet) (the movie "Deliverance" was filmed at Hawthorne Pool and Tempesta Falls)
      • Hurricane (96 feet)
      • Oceana (50 feet)
      • Bridal Veil (17 feet)
      • Sweet Sixteen (16 feet)

    • Tallulah River
    • Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center
    • Lover's Leap

  • Site of Wallenda's walk across the Gorge

With swimming, camping, hiking, biking, kayaking (at certain times of the year), and state-park-sponsored events and classes, there is an abundance of activities to enjoy.

Building Permits
Building permits from the Town of Tallulah Falls may be obtained by filling out an application at City Hall. Other documents, such as a septic tank permit (from the Environmental Health Department), may be needed before a permit may be issued. For more information about when a permit must be obtained and what is required to receive one, please contact City Hall. To build, remodel, grade, etc outside city limits, please contact the Habersham County Building and Planning Department.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 56 Tallulah Falls, GA 30573
Location: 255 Main Street Tallulah Falls, GA 30573

Phone: 706-754-6040 Fax: 706-754-3779

Carl Seaman, Mayor


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