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Motor Vehicle Fees

Motor vehicle fees are set by Georgia law, with the exception of taxes being calculated using a local millage rate.


  • Title fee: $18
  • Title penalty: $10, added if application is made after 30 days of acquiring the vehicle
  • Duplicate (replacement) title Fee: $8

By state law, all motor vehicles from 1986 to the current year are required be titled. (ATVs, such as three- and four-wheelers, cannot be titled.) Any vehicle with model years 1963 through 1985 may be titled IF the owner already has a title in his/her name or a title properly assigned to him/her with no break in the chain of ownership. Vehicles older than 1963 cannot be titled in Georgia. Duplicate titles may be applied for by the current owner(s) (whose name[s] appear on the state's title records) to replace lost or stolen titles.


  • Tag Fee: $20 for pickups, vans, motorcycles, and cars; $12 for all trailers (boat, utility, etc); price varies for other types of vehicles. (ATVs, such as three- and four-wheelers, cannot be tagged.)
  • Ad valorem taxes: Amount depends on the value of the vehicle (set by the state of Georgia) and the millage rate where the owner lives. By state law, taxes are not charged under certain circumstances. However, the vehicle owner should be aware that even if taxes are not charged for one year, they are usually due the following year.
  • Tag penalty: 25 percent of tag fee, if renewing after the birth date Tax penalty: 10 percent of tax fee, if renewing after the birth date
  • Prestige tag fees: Most prestige tags carry a $25 application fee, plus a $25 per year renewal fee (in addition to the other fees above), although some fees are different.

Tags may be renewed within 59 days BEFORE the birth date of the owner. When two or more people are named as owners, the tag must be purchased within 30 days of the birth date of the first person whose name appears on the tag renewal form or title, before midnight of their birthday.

Tags can be renewed on-line at


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