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Tag Deadlines

Tags can be renewed on-line at

Vehicle registrations are renewed according to a 12-month staggered program based on the owner's birthday. The deadline is midnight on the birthday of the first person listed on the registration form. For example, if a vehicle is titled and registered to Smith, Samuel L. and and Margaret T., Margaret's birthday sets the deadline for renewal.

All individuals must renew their registrations by their birthday to avoid a 10 percent tax penalty (minimum $5) and a 25 percent tag penalty for each vehicle.

Registration for jointly-owned vehicles must be renewed in the county of the owner's principal residence by midnight on the birthday of the owner who appears first on the registration.

Registration for leased vehicles must be renewed by the lessee's birthday (for individuals) or based on the lessee's business name, NOT based on the name of the leasing company (lessor).

Registration for vehicles owned by a company or organization must be renewed according to the first letter of the company or organization name, as shown on the title, in the county where the business is located. The deadline for company-owned vehicles is the end of the month based on the following alphabetical schedule:

A/B: January
C/D: February
E/F: March
G/H: April
I/J: May
K/L: June
M/N: July
O/P: August
Q/R: September
S/T: October
U/V/W: November
X/Y/Z: December


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