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Solid Waste Management Department

The Habersham County Solid Waste Management Department is responsible for operating the Habersham County Landfill and Recycling Programs.

The Habersham County Landfill is located at 4900 Dicks Hill Parkway in Mt. Airy. Its goal is to provide environmentally sound, cost-effective waste management to the people of Habersham County. The Department complies with all federal, state and local ordinances.

The department maintains the following services/faclities:

  • a lined landfill for disposal of municipal solid waste,
  • an unlined landfill for disposal of construction and demolition wastes and other dry wastes,
  • processing of white goods (washing machines, stoves, freezers, refrigerators, etc.) after removal of residual freon gas prior to recycling,
  • recycling processing for sorting, preparing and baling plastics bottles, metal cans and glass bottles for market,
  • an equipment repair and maintenance shop.

The Habersham County Landfill can accept everything for disposal (including brush or construction waste) except hazardous materials, which include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • oil and other petroleum products
  • antifreeze
  • paint in liquid form (paint that has become a dry solid by being mixed with dirt or sawdust is okay)
  • tires
  • batteries (except small batteries, such as those used in flashlights and toys, etc)
  • insulation or other items containing asbestos (shingles containing asbestos, however, are accepted)

If you are unsure about the landfill's acceptance of a particular item, please be sure to call for further information. Phone numbers are 706-778-0926 and 706-776-9258.

The landfill also provides a convenience center with a series of trailers located below the scale house (but before entering the landfill area itself) for residents who have no more than six bags of household garbage and/or who wish to recycle the items listed below:

  • plastic (milk jugs, drink bottles)
  • glass (brown, clear, green)
  • aluminum cans
  • cardboard (except wax-covered cardboard)
  • newspaper and magazines

The solid waste department is currently in the process of arranging for disposal of tires and household electronic items. Check this website for additional information.

The department is operated as an enterprise fund and does not directly include any general tax revenues. All landfill users pay the landfill tipping fees. The current charge for using the landfill is $43.50 per ton with a minimum charge of $6, except for recycled items, which are free. All vehicles, even those just bringing recycled items, are required to pass over the scale going into and out of the landfill. All loads must be covered to prevent trash and garbage from falling out.

Habersham County does not provide curbside pickup. Contact your city or town hall or an independent contractor to arrange service if available at your address.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 4900 Dicks Hill Parkway Mt. Airy, GA 30563
Location: 4900 Dicks Hill Parkway Mt. Airy, GA 30563

Phone: 706-839-0242 Fax: 706-776-1742

David Barrs, Solid Waste Manager
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