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Development Regulations

The Habersham County Comprehensive Land Development Resolution was adopted May 4, 1992, and implemented July 1, 1992, for the purpose of regulating development in Habersham County. The resolution set forth regulations for:

  • the location, height, bulk, number of stores and the size of buildings and structures
  • the amount of lot which may be occupied
  • the size of yards, courts and other open spaces
  • the density and distribution of population
  • the use of buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, commerce, resident, recreation, agriculture, conservation, water supply, sanitation, public activities and other purposes
  • creating land use intensity districts for said purposes and establishing the boundaries thereof
  • defining certain terms used herein
  • providing for the method of administration and amendment
  • defining the powers and duties of the planning commission, administrative officer, building inspector and governing authority
  • providing penalties for violations
  • repealing conflicting regulations
  • and for other purposes

You may download the entire Comprehensive Land Development Resolution document in pdf form here.

Download PDF Comprehensive Land Development Resolution (2761kb)


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