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Mental Health Services Provided

24/7 Emergency Services: 1-800-347-5827

Avita Community Partners provides treatment, rehabilitation, and support for adults, children and adolescents with varying degrees of mental illness, alcohol and other drug abuse problems, and emotional distress. The agency offers a variety of individualized services to meet the goals and needs of the consumers, families, and communities it serves.

Habersham County Mental Health Center at 196 Scoggins Drive in Demorest (phone: 706-894-3700) is the local Behavioral Health branch of Georgia Mountains.

It is Avita Community Partners' mission to support individuals, families and communities with mental retardation, mental health, and substance abuse needs as they pursue safe, stable, and valued lives. They recognize the importance of maintaining the family as a unit within the community and believe individuals served should:

  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • have ready access to services
  • be informed about their options and the opportunity to elect or refuse services
  • have responsibility to participate in the service delivery process
  • receive confidential and ethical services
  • be present and participate in their community

Mental Health Services

Avita Community Partners provides diagnostic assessment, individual, family, and group counseling, brief therapy, self-help and preventive education, psychiatric and nursing care, and referral services for adults, children and adolescents at outpatient centers in each of the thirteen counties in our service area.

Substance Abuse Services

GMCS provides assessment, treatment options, and support for youth, adults and families working toward recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse. Abstinence is the focus of treatment. These services are available throughout the thirteen (13) county area. Services include evaluations, nursing and physicians assessment, lab services, family support, education groups, individual and group counseling for consumers and family members.

Medical Services

As clinically indicated, a psychiatrist, physician or physician assistant will evaluate persons served to ensure high-quality care and support services. This service provides medical assessment and medications management when pharmacotherapy is a part of the planned services. Referral to other health care providers is provided whenever needs are beyond the scope of GMCS.

Emergency Services

GMCS provides 24-hour emergency services. Emergencies are those in which persons are experiencing life-threatening situations. Emergency services are available at all Mental Health and Substance Abuse sites during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Telephone and face-to-face consultation and referral assistance are available after hours, weekends and holidays. Trained professionals staff our phones. The after hours, weekend and holiday phone number is 1-800-347-5827.

Family Services Program

This program is designed to promote, facilitate, and implement assistance for assuring that the necessary goods, services, and supports are provided to allow the consumers to live in their own or their family's home and to be involved with their families to the extent possible.


Respite provides temporary relief of ongoing responsibilities to families and guardians with family members who have a documented diagnosis of mental retardation and who are over three years of age. Services are individualized to meet family needs and preferences. Respite may be provided in the community, home, or other sites as appropriate.

Being a Respite provider can be a very rewarding opportunity. If you believe that you would be interested in being a Respite provider, please contact your area's Avita Community Partners Service Center.


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