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24/7 Emergency Services: 1-800-347-5827

Sometimes we face problems or situations that we do not know how to handle or that may overwhelm us. Desperate to find a solution, we may start to think that the only way out is to take extreme measures. A crisis is quickly brewing.

On the other hand, physical or mental illness, family or other problems may be wearing us down. It is possible that on the TV we hear disastrous news that makes us feel helpless. Our depression or anxiety deepens.

If, however, a drug or alcohol addiction is the cause of difficulty, we know we need to conquer it. We've tried to do so by ourselves -- and haven't succeeded so far.

When Habersham County residents confront these and similar situations, they may call on the services provided by the Mental Health Center located at 196 Scoggins Drive in Demorest. The center intervenes in crises and offers counseling in all issues, including drugs and alcohol. They also lend continuing assistance to residents with problems such as mental illness, depression, and anxiety.

Once it is determined what type of distress the individual faces and how best to treat it, then services will be provided. Fees are based on a sliding scale of income. If the center does not have the resources to help a particular person, he/she may be referred to another agency which can furnish the professional care needed.

With a crisis line, assessments, and counseling, the residents of this county can be assured that help is available for themselves and their families locally through the Mental Health Center.


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