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Georgia Fire Academy Training

Habersham County firefighters stay up to date with regular training at the Georgia Public Service Training Center in Forsyth and at North Georgia Technical Collage. Classes include:

Basic Firefighter, Module I: Course length: 60 hours. See publication for program code. This course is a prerequisite to all other Georgia Fire Academy training; it includes the fundamentals of fire behavior and proceeds through water supplies, protective equipment and breathing apparatus, hose and nozzles, forcible entry, fire streams, suppression techniques, ventilation and other topics necessary to provide a firefighter with the basic knowledge of firefighting. The majority of objectives are skills oriented and require hands-on training. Note: Students must provide positive pressure SCBA and full structural firefighter protective clothing. All clothing and equipment must be in good condition and meet applicable NFPA standards. Students may borrow a copy of IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting, or bring their own. There will be no charge as long as text is returned in good condition. A workbook will be provided for each student. If a student does not have a current CPR card, the class will be offered for a small fee or it may be obtained elsewhere prior to the final test.

Basic Hazardous Materials Response: Course length: 16 hours. See Publication for program code. Prerequisite: Basic Firefighter and Hazardous Materials Awareness. This course was developed by the NFA and will emphasize critical concerns for emergency medical responders at haz-mat incidents. Elements of this course include safety issues for emergency medical service/haz-mat response; managing contaminated victims requiring emergency medical assistance; decontamination and treatment procedures of a basic life support nature; transportation and receiving facilities. This course will assist the participant in understanding and complying with federal regulations and national recommendations concerning emergency medical response to hazardous materials incidents.

Pressurized Container Fire Control: Course length: 8 hours. See Publication for program code. Prerequisite: Basic Firefighter, Module One. This class is designed for firefighters and oofficers who may be called upon to handle emergencies involving pressurized containers. Four hours classroom - prior to four hours live fire evolutions. This course presents lifesaving information about fires involving pressurized containers and how to control or when not to control them. Topics include tactics, behavior of pressurized containers exposed to fire, physical properties of common substances under pressure and control of LP gas fires. Note: Student must provide positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus and full structural firefighter protective clothing to include boots, coat, pants, gloves, helmet and hood. All clothing must be in good condition and meet applicable NFPA standards.

Practical Fire Ground Hydraulics: Course length 12 hours. See publication for program code. Prerequisite: Basic Firefighter. The purpose of this course is to train pump operators in fire ground hydraulics. Students will study the basic principles of determining fire flows and pressures and will learn a clipboard hydraulics system eliminating most of the mathematical calculations involved in the task. Students should provide a pocket calculator.

Incident Safety Officer: Course length: 16 hours. See publication for program code. Prerequisite: Basic Firefighter. This NFA developed course examines the Safety Officer's role at emergency response incidents. A specific focus on operations within an incident command system as a safety officer is the main theme. The course is targeted towards individuals who have a safety officer role at emergency operations and seek to learn more about their important responsibilities.

Intro to Volunteer Emergency Services Management: Course length: 12 hours. See publication for program code. Prerequisite: Basic Firefighter. This course is designed for those individuals who manage any facet of a volunteer emergency services organization. Students will be exposed to motivational techniques, problem solving, decision making, and the management process to accomplish their organization's mission. This is a newly revised and thought provoking course: highly recommended.

For Habersham Fire personnel to register for classes, contact main office at 706-839-0570.

For general information on the Fire Academy, call 478-993-4000, or go to


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