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Fieldale Farms

Chicken is prepared at Fieldale Farms facility in Habersham County Fieldale Farms, a family business still owned by its founders, has grown to become one of the largest independent poultry producers in the world. With more than 4,500 employees, it is also Habersham County's largest employer.

The company started more than 50 years ago in the countryside of Northeast Georgia. Its operations and headquarters are still located within a 50- mile radius in this area.

Fieldale produces the best possible chicken in the market with the latest up-to-date equipment and technology, always bearing in mind the health of the millions of consumers.

Fieldale offers a full array of products. All Natural whole birds, cut-up chicken parts and skinless, boneless chicken parts. These products are available as Tray-Pack, CVP and CO2.

The Further Processing plant offers breaded and marinated, ready-to-cook, or fully-cooked products that are as superior in quality as all of the chicken produced by Fieldale.

In addition to its domestic reputation for quality, Fieldale also has loyalty internationally and ships to more than 50 countries around the world.

With the ability to provide product packaging, fully-cooked products, and flexibility with other specialty items, Fieldale is the one stop source of Chicken products for its customers.

Fieldale Farms Corporation
P.O. Box 558 Baldwin, GA 30511


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