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Public Health Environmental Services

The mission of the Georgia Division of Public Health Environmental Services Branch is to provide primary prevention through a combination of surveillance, education, enforcement, and assessment programs designed to identify, prevent and abate the environmental conditions that adversely impact human health.

Programs of the Environmental Services Branch are:

  • Food Service: Minimize food-borne related illnesses
    • Regulation and routine inspection of food service establishments
    • Investigation of food-borne related complaints and illnesses
      • Education and training for food service operators and managers
    • Land Use: Minimize health problems related to untreated human sewage
      • Regulation and inspection of new on-site sewage management systems
      • Investigation and inspection of over repairs to improperly functioning on-site sewage management systems
      • Education, training, and certification for environmentalists, septic tank installers, pumpers, soil scientists, geologists, and engineers involved in installing, maintaining, and repairing on-site sewage management systems.
    • Tourist Accommodations: Minimize illnesses and injuries associated with unsanitary or hazardous conditions in Georgia's tourist accommodations
      • Regulation and inspection of tourist accommodations
      • Investigation of complaints
      • Education and training for tourist accommodation employees and managers
    • Swimming Pools: Minimize illnesses and injuries associated with contaminated or hazardous conditions in or around swimming pools
      • Regulation and inspection of existing swimming pools
      • Consultation and inspection of new swimming pool construction and installation
      • Education and training for swimming pool operators
    • Chemical Hazards: Protect the health and promote the quality of life of Georgians through the prevention of exposure to hazardous substances in the environment
      • Provide public health assessments and health consultations, technical assistance, community education, staff training, and referrals for district and local health departments, residents, educators, healthcare professionals, and state and federal agencies
      • Identifying "meth laboratories," what the health hazards are, what public's health role is, and whom to contact for more information. Because Environmental Health Specialists inspect motels, restaurants, and private homes during nuisance complaints, is it possible that they may be exposed to a methamphetamine or other clandestine laboratory. This could prove to be very dangerous for many reasons
    • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention: Reduce and prevent children's exposure to environmental and occupational lead
      • Ensure blood lead screening, laboratory support, and care coordination of services are available statewide
    • Other Programs
      • Mosquito-borne Viral Diseases
      • Indoor Air Quality Assistance
      • Emergency Response
      • Evaluation and inspection of individual drinking water supply systems
      • Collection of water samples for bacteriological assay
      • Oversight of the rabies control program

    Contact Information

    Mailing Address: 185 Scoggins Drive Demorest, GA 30535
    Location: 185 Scoggins Drive Demorest, GA 30535

    Phone: 706-776-7659 Fax: 706-778-2408
    Sue Groover, Environmental Health Supervisor


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