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Central Dispatch

911 Operator is the Link to Lifesaving Services Imagine you are driving on a road near your home when you see two vehicles collide. It's obvious there are injuries, maybe even serious ones. You pull over and whip out your cell phone, ready to call for help ... and then it hits you. You don't know the numbers of the police and emergency services. And you don't have a phone book with you. Besides, is this a matter for the Sheriff, a city police, or the Georgia State Patrol? Do you need a special rescue unit, or should you call an ambulance?

Fortunately, in Habersham County the scenario described above doesn't have to happen. Instead having to memorize several phone numbers for different emergency services, we have to remember only one -- 911. The 911 Department is also called Central Dispatch, and for good reason. When a call is received by the center, one or more of almost 40 departments may be dispatched. The departments that 911 may send to provide aid are shown below.

  • City Fire Departments
    • Station 2 (Cornelia)
    • Station 3 (Clarkesville)
    • Station 4 (Baldwin)
    • Station 5 (Demorest)
    • Station 7 (Tallulah Falls)
  • County Fire Departments
    • Station 8 (Batesville)
    • Station 9 (Deep Creek)
    • Station 10 (County)
    • Station 11 (Fairfield)
    • Station 12 (View)
    • Station 13 (Habersham Mills)
    • Station 14 (Glade Creek)
    • Station 15 (Macedonia)
    • Station 16 (Amy's Creek)
    • Station 24 (Lee Arrendale State Prison)
  • City Police Departments
    • Baldwin
    • Clarkesville
    • Cornelia
    • Demorest
    • Mt. Airy
    • Tallulah Falls
    • Alto
  • County Rescue Departments
    • Habersham Emergency Management Agency (HEMA)
    • Habersham Special Operations & Rescue (SOAR)
  • Other Departments
    • Cornelia Animal Control
    • Department of Family & Children's Services
    • Department of Natural Resources
    • Department of Probation
    • Georgia Forestry
    • Georgia State Patrol
    • Habersham Central Campus Police
    • Habersham County Ambulance Service
    • Habersham County Animal Control
    • Habersham County Coroner
    • Habersham County Marshal's Office
    • Habersham County Sheriff's Office
    • Habersham County Transit
    • Lee Arrendale K-9 Unit
    • North Georgia Tech Campus Police
    • Northeast Georgia Narcotics Task Force
    • Piedmont College Campus Police


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